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 The leading web portal for pharmacy resources, news, education and careers May 26, 2016
Pharmacy Choice - January 2016 Newsletter - May 26, 2016

Pharmacy Choice Newsletter - January 2016

The Pharmacy Spotlight - January 2016
The FDA recently approved Tresiba® (insulin degludec) and Ryzodeg® 70/30 (insulin degludec/insulin aspart) as a new molecular entities indicated to control blood glucose...
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January Disease Focus
Vaccination to Prevent Pneumococcal Pneumonia in Older Adults
Streptococcus pneumoniae remains an important cause of pneumonia, being isolated in 5-15% of cases in the United States.1,2 Compared to the United States, Streptococcus pneumoniae is the cause of pneumonia more frequently in Europe and worldwide.3,4 This is most likely due to higher rates of vaccination to prevent...
Pharmaceutical Drug Releases and Updates
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals receives ANDA approval for Linezolid Tablets, 600 mg
Mumbai, December 22, 2015: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA (Glenmark) has been granted final approval by the United States Food & Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) for Linezolid Tablets, 600mg, the therapeutic equivalent of Zyvox® Tablets, 600 mg of Pharmacia and Upjohn Company, a subsidiary of Pfizer, Inc.
8 Tips and Tools for Promoting Your Pharmacy
In the world of pharmacy, the independents are small fish in a big pond. Large chain pharmacies often use tactics that the little guys just can't match. For example, Wal-Mart created a $4.00 generic drug list where they knowingly and willingly took losses on some drugs thinking that it would bring the…
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How likely would you be to recommend a switch from Lantus® insulin to Tresiba®?
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Last Month's Poll
Based on the new Beers Criteria, how likely would you be to recommend a switch from a PPI to H2 antagonist after 8-weeks in an elderly patient with uncomplicated GERD?
Very likely - 45%
Likely - 32.5%
Not likely - 12.5%
Very unlikely - 10%
Continuing Education for Pharmacy Professionals
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Live On-line Webinars
Management Options for Insomnia
Sunday January 10 - 7:00 PM ET
2.0 credit hours
The New Hypertension Guidelines: What are They Telling Us?
Monday, January 11 - 12:00 PM ET
2.0 credit hours
Acne Vulgaris: Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Care
Tuesday, January 12 - 6:00 PM ET
1.0 credit hours
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Workplace Safety & Joint Commission Standards for Pharmacy Professionals
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Release Date: January 2, 2014
Expiration Date: January 2, 2017
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