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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - ALP NUTRITION announces release of ALP CARNITIN in U.S. - March 17, 2018

Pharmacy News Article

 10/13/17 - ALP NUTRITION announces release of ALP CARNITIN in U.S.

Boca Raton, Fla. (PRWEB) October 13, 2017

German-based health and wellness supplement company ALP NUTRITION® is pleased to announce the release of a new weight loss supplement, ALP CARNITIN®, for the healthy reduction of body weight and fat content.

Being overweight can significantly reduce well being and performance, and improper dieting can lead to a lack of L-carnitin, an endogenous, natural nutrient that's important for fat burning. That's where ALP CARNITIN® steps in to fill the void.

ALP CARNITIN® is a liquid food supplement containing the amino acid L-carnitin, antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and ALP PHYTO, a phytonutrient-enriched herbal extract from seven organically grown plants in the Swiss Alps. The sunny, high-altitude location and gentle manufacturing process imbue ALP PHYTO with the concentrated power of the Alps.

"Exercise and a healthy diet help to get rid of excess pounds, but when dieting it's not always possible to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to help lose weight effectively," ALP NUTRITION®'s Dr. Oliver Schnorr said. "L-carnitin is much like a vitamin that transports fats from fat cells into muscle cells, where they're burnt for energy.

"So you can both help enhance your weight loss and increase your fitness with ALP CARNITIN®."

ALP CARNITIN® helps you feel fit for longer, even during sporting events and while dieting, as L-carnitin is vital for the muscles and muscle movement, the heart and cardiovascular system, and even brain function.

ALP CARNITIN® also is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, so it can help supply some of the vitamins and nutrients missing for those who don't eat meat.

"Carnipure, antioxidants and ALP PHYTO are the perfectly balanced ingredients of the purest quality and they can, in their liquid form, be absorbed quickly, effectively and sustainably by the body," Schnorr said.

For more information on ALP CARNITIN® and other ALP NUTRITION® products, visit ALP CARNITIN® is now available in the United States on at, and health and wellness e-commerce sites like,, and

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