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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - Purchase Of Vaccines And Veterinary Drugs For Poultry [TendersInfo (India)] - September 22, 2018

Pharmacy News Article

 6/22/18 - Purchase Of Vaccines And Veterinary Drugs For Poultry [TendersInfo (India)]

Request for quotations : Purchase of vaccines and veterinary drugs for poultry

1. Live vaccine nobilis rismavac (or analogue) + ca 126 against mareks disease 1 + 3 serotype with a solvent; 2 010 000 doses, 164 016 byn 2. Vector vaccine against mareks disease 1 + 3 serotype + ilt with a solvent 210 000 doses, 27 846 byn 3. Vaccine against infectious bronchitis of chickens alive, strain n-120 5 020 000 doses, 14 457. 60 byn 4. Live vaccine against infectious bronchitis of chickens (ibk) variant strain ibk 4/91 5 600 000 doses, 45 024 byn 5

Date and time of the end of acceptance of offers: 20.07.2018 14:50 Major organization : OPEN JOINT-STOCK COMPANY 1ST MINSK POULTRY PLANT Address : Republic Of Belarus, Minsk Region, Agrogorodok Bolshevik, 223043, Minsk Region, Minsk District, Agrogorodok Bolshevik Country :Belarus Tender notice number : 2018-585434 Notice type : Tender Notice Open date : 2018-07-20

Tender documents : T435473105.html,

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