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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - Various Medicinal Products [TendersInfo (India)] - March 23, 2019

Pharmacy News Article

 1/11/19 - Various Medicinal Products [TendersInfo (India)]

Contract notice: Various medicinal products

various prescription and non-prescription drugs, Bandages, Medical aids and other preparations in the amount of 300,000,000 huf / 24 month net for pharmacies offering prescription and prescription medicines to retail pharmacies operating in the contracting authority. Wholesale prices of medicines that can be ordered with tb support are official prices, Each wholesaler must deliver at the same price. For non-prescription drugs, Prescription drugs can be prescribed in the context of public health care. Products also have a fixed wholesale price. In the case of medicinal products and medical aids that can be marketed with social security support, Invoicing is done at a wholesale price calculated on the basis of the wholesale margin projected on the official producer price. For all other products, The seller will invoice at the wholesale price on your current price list. In any case, The exception is that wholesalers and manufacturers~ discounts to winning bidders must always be validated for the contracting entity. Turnover of products with fixed price and non-fixed prices: Medication: 2 229 articles other product: Article 692 bandage, Medical aid: Article 205 the proportion of products with fixed price and non-fixed products: Supported medicine, Bandage, Medical aid: 75.2% unsupported medicine, Bandage, Medical aid: 20.7% other product: 4.1% total medications: 93.9% bandage, Medical aid total: 2% other products: 4.1% the tenderer shall deliver the goods on the basis of the orders to be sent by the contracting authority occasionally, With the delivery frequency and deadline specified therein. The delivery time is 24-72 depending on the product, But can be up to 168 hours. In the case of products to be purchased from individual imports, The parties will agree on the delivery date individually on an occasional basis. The bidder must undertake and provide a minimum of one day delivery.

This contract is divided into lots: No

main activity:-health Major organization : GRF TISZA ISTVN KRHZ (EKRSZ-55511214) Address : Ekrsz-55511214 Orbn Balzs Tr 1.

Berettyjfalu 4100 Contact Person: Dr. Murakzi Zoltn Foigazgat Country :Hungary Email : Url : Tender notice number : 10990-2019 Notice type : Tender Notice Open date : 2019-02-15

Tender documents : T441017241.html

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