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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - Physically Augmented Virtual Healthcare Visits with RemoteRx Telemedicine Dispenser Platform by Real Time Touch (TM) - March 23, 2019

Pharmacy News Article

 1/11/19 - Physically Augmented Virtual Healthcare Visits with RemoteRx Telemedicine Dispenser Platform by Real Time Touch (TM)

Remote Controlled Rx Dispenser

Remote Caregivers Release Medications

Home Based Clinical Trials

Digital Health Startup, Real Time Touch releases 4 new videos on the benefits and use cases of its RemoteRx telemedicine platform

Real Time Touch Founder and Inventor seeks to Physically Augment Global Virtual Healthcare Visits with RTT's RemoteRx Telemedicine Dispenser Platform"
Craig Linden

ALPINE, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2019 / Alpine, Jan. 11, 2019 The new videos envision four use cases for RemoteRx, Real Time Touch's planned remote medication release dispensers and platform with advanced IoT hardware, cloud and sensor capabilities. Real Time Touch is backed by Real Time Touch's patent and pending patents. View the Real Time Touch website for more product information:

Helping Seniors -

Seniors cherish their independence yet are frequently forced into assisted living homes when they forget to take their medications or take too much. Now there's new hope for seniors to retain their independence longer. Seniors will visit with caregivers who will remotely release their scheduled medications, monitor their vitals and access their general status during the virtual visits. The Real Time Touch platform is envisioned to be integrated into existing virtual health and 24/7 monitoring systems. This will fast-track the healthcare process for everyone from pharmaceutical, insurance to digital health companies and all healthcare professionals.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions -

Patients are often released shortly after their hospitalization and require follow-up and frequent doctor or caregiver interaction. One possible solution is being developed by Real Time Touch: Remote release of critical medications during virtual nurse-to-patient interactions to help home-based patients stay home while they recover. Caregivers can monitor vital signs remotely and verify the correct medication is taken at at the prescribed time. Healthcare providers can check the medication adherence reports and be automatically notified of any difficulties.

Reducing Opioid Dependence -

Potent drugs are effective and essential for millions that suffer from severe pain. However, they come with a danger of overuse and dependence. Real Time Touch believes that its patented platform and remote controlled treatment and medication release vaults could provide one solution. The advanced Remote Rx design is envisioned to include multi-level user/caregiver alerts, AI coaching, voice activation, gesture recognition, biomarkers, highest-grade HIPAA-compliant security, AR and Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR). Test medications could be released by the clinical trial clinician while video conferencing with the trial patients in their homes.

Decentralizing Clinical Trials -

With Real Time Touch's decentralized clinical trials scenario, medication adherence would be monitored in real-time and combined with vitals data for faster results, effectiveness, scientific research and monitoring patient well-being. When applied and approved by the FDA, clinical trial patients' test medications (pro-packs, pouches, patches, injectables, etc.) will be remotely released, verified and recorded via RTT's exclusive home-based IoT locked dispensers while video visiting with their clinicians and/or via AI assist, or automatic release. Clinical trial sponsors, advisors, doctors, nurses, caregivers and pharmacists can have varying levels of access to key data on demand in real-time or scheduled intervals.

Real Time Touch is actively seeking partners to assist in the development and to obtain FDA approvals of the initial four use cases set forth in these 4 new videos. Contact: Craig Linden, Founder Email: website

+1 619-301-3555
email us here

Real Time Touch's Four 1-minute animated videos

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