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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmacy Automation - December 15, 2018

Pharmacy Automation

Featured Pharmacy Automation Company
Pharmacy Automation Systems Pharmacy AutomationPharmacy Automation Systems designs and manufactures innovative and affordable automation systems for pharmacies. We currently hold patents on several of our designs and are committed to developing new products that help pharmacies increase patient safety, maximize customer satisfaction, and lower operating costs.
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Prescription Filling Automation Systems for Pharmacies

The benefits of automated pharmacy systems are substantial & the widespread adoption of the technology attests to this, but until now, the reality has been that only large-volume, chain pharmacies and hospitals could justify the ROI.

Now your pharmacy can automate the pill dispensing process to affordably stay competitive.

Our new stand-alone system enables you to:

  • Improve patient safety & care
  • Improve the quality of life for your pharmacists and technicians
  • Increase the number of prescriptions that you can fill in a day

Affordable Automation for Pharmacies

Pharmacy Automation Systems designs and manufactures affordable, space-saving, stand-alone prescription filling systems for pharmacies demanding a quick ROI.

Introducing our Model D-60 (Automated Dispensing System), a stand-alone unit – needing zero interface with any Point of Sale software. Designed to cover a large percentage of the average pharmacy's daily dispensing needs. Automation Designed by Pharmacists Like You

As a Pharmacist, you have a unique set of needs. We know because we surveyed hundreds of pharmacists like you to find out what automation features are important to you. Our Model D-60 was designed specifically for you to include these features.

The Time to Automate Has Never Been Better

If your pharmacy has been waiting on the sidelines for the right time; the wait is over. Let our affordable equipment help relieve your stress and improve your efficiencies.

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Parata Systems Pharmacy Automation Parata Systems - Founded in 2001, Parata Systems has quickly become a leader in the chain and community pharmacy automation with its innovative Parata RDS (Robotic Dispensing System.) By enlisting industry-leading partners to ensure excellence in manufacturing and service/support, Parata has been able to rapidly scale to meet growing market demands. Parata's team has leveraged its more than 50 years of pharmacy automation experience to define the Parata RDS design criteria and ensure engineering excellence and reliability.

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American Society for Automation in Pharmacy ASAP's mission is to assist its members in advancing the application of computer technology in the pharmacist's role as caregiver and in the efficient operation and management of a pharmacy.

Parata Systems Pharmacy Automation
Parata Systems Pharmacy Automation Parata Systems Pharmacy Automation Parata Systems Pharmacy Automation

What Time Do You Have?

What would you do with more time in the day? To remain competitive, pharmacies must double their prescription volume over the next five years without increasing costs.

Profit Time or Loss Time?

"With the influx of prescriptions and third parties cutting reimbursements, we have to fill more without increasing our labor costs just to maintain a profit."
    Jack Pavis, Newhard Pharmacy, Northampton, Pa.

Parata RDS is the best single investment your pharmacy can make today to prepare for future growth. Parata RDS (Robotic Dispensing System) automates more than half of your pharmacy's prescription volume, with far greater speed and accuracy than manual filling, and frees staff time for higher-value activities.

Dream Time or Worry Time?

"I no longer wake at 3 in the morning worrying about medication errors in the previous day's prescriptions."
    Richard Logan, owner of L&S Pharmacy, Charleston, MO.

What is the value of preventing a single medication error? With prescription volumes rising at staggering annual rates, errors are on the rise as well. Parata RDS uses NDC bar coding to ensure the correct medication is placed in the machine's dispensing cell, eliminating the potential for prescription dispensing errors, and delivers 99.8 percent counting accuracy. Parata RDS frees staff time to counsel and support patients, check potential drug interactions and perform other activities that enhance patient safety.

Fill Time or Face Time?

"I cannot imagine - even if we were filling 1,000 scripts a day - getting to the point where our prescription volume is greater than what Parata RDS can handle. Even during our busiest times it ends up waiting on us."
    Jay Phipps, Phipps Pharmacy, McKenzie, Tenn.

Customers choose your pharmacy for your service and patient care. So, when you're stuck behind the counter handling prescriptions most of the day, it costs you business.

Parata RDS handles the nitty-gritty work of prescription processing with far greater speed and accuracy than manual filling. It processes a prescription in just 20 seconds, a cycle time that includes selecting and labeling a vial, counting, capping and sorting by patient last name.

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AutoMed Pharmacy Automation
We equip pharmacies to operate more efficiently.

You may know us as a leader in automated pharmacy dispensing. But our real business is efficiency. We combine the world’s most advanced prescription fulfillment technology with innovative products and services to help you:
  • Generate more productivity from everything and everyone in your pharmacy.
  • Increase medication safety and prescription volume.
  • Manage operating costs, as well as growth in new markets or new patient care areas.
  • Improve the work environment and your return on investment.
Ours is a comprehensive, integrated approach to improving your pharmacy throughout -- not just its throughput. No other automation company offers more efficiency-enhancing capabilities:
  • Modular, scalable automation systems
  • Operational analysis
  • Flexible layout and design services
  • Ergonomic storage and retrieval systems
  • Workflow software for complete medication dispensing management
  • Systems implementation
  • Growth planning
  • Customer-focused training and support
And no other company serves more pharmacy markets:
  • Retail
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient
  • Long-term care
  • Assisted living and other alternate sites
  • Central fill
  • Mail order
  • eCommerce
  • Remote dispensing and telepharmacy
  • From 50 to 50,000 prescriptions per day
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Specialist Engineers and Appointed European Distributors for:
Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.

High Performance application specific Meter Mix Dispense Equipment, High Pressure Dispense Valves and Carbide Spray Valves suitable for most materials (water thin to paste-like) including epoxies, silicones, mastics, urethanes, PVC Plastisols, lubricants and even foodstuffs.

Typical applications include:
  • Electronics Encapsulation / Potting
  • Air & Oil Filter Manufacture
  • Rapid Prototype Mould Manufacture
  • Casting
  • Structural Bonding
  • Form-in-Place Gasketing
  • Automotive Seam Sealing / Bonding
  • Grease Dispensing
  • Accurate Volumetric Dosing
State of the art robotic applications (automotive) are our speciality - especially where highly abrasive and viscous materials are being sprayed or beaded on underbody, seam sealing & bonding applications !!

Market leading products include:
  • SeeFlo® Dispensing Machines
  • Snuf-Bak™ and No-Drip™ Dispense Valves
  • No-Flush™ Disposable Static Mixers
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M.E.D.S. Inc. is dedicated to providing the Health care Environment with the most advanced Automated Medication Dispensing and Packaging System, with the focus of our work being that, together with others in the Pharmaceutical Industry, we will be able to:
  • Bring Peace of Mind to the patient and enhance quality of care.
  • Utilize the latest technologies and innovations in our industry.
  • Provide the best support and service to our customers.
  • Reduce cost in the Health care Environment
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NextRx provides innovative automation technology to improve the accuracy and operating efficiencies surrounding the inventory and movement of medications within the hospital setting.

At NextRx, we develop tools that help healthcare institutions reduce the frequency of medication errors through the use of barcodes on unit-dose medication packages. These barcodes, coupled with NextRx 2nd generation automation technology, help hospital professionals quickly and accurately sort, stock, and dispense unit-dose medications.

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A veteran-owned company, PickPoint Corporation designs and distributes automated pharmaceutical storage and dispensing systems that improve the safety and efficiency of delivering medications.

Utilizing proven methodologies to help health care providers handle the safety and productivity issues that are created by today's gap in managing prescription volume growth, PickPoint combines integrated planning and execution so customers can optimize their dispensing processes in real time.

Our FlexRx line of products meets customers' needs around four core disciplines:
  • Pharmacy Dispensing
  • Alternate Care Dispensing
  • Pharmacy Logistics
  • Supply Logistics
We organize, secure and track medication allowing for increased customer interaction, medication control and efficient use of pharmacy staff. Our product line is HIPAA and JCAHO compliant.

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SP 200® Robotic Prescription Dispensing System.

ScriptPro's SP 200 is a proven and reliable prescription dispensing system that automates the repetitive, manual dispensing tasks most subject to human error.

The SP 200, interfaced with the pharmacy computer system, delivers filled and labeled vials for up to 150 prescriptions per hour. The system contains 200 universal dispensing cells, which can account for up to 60% of your volume. Because the cells are universal, drugs can be added or removed on the fly as necessary. It handles tablets and capsules of all shapes and sizes, and supports standard pharmacy vials. Because the system fills directly from the dispensing cells, there is no drug cross-contamination. The SP 200 also prints and applies the prescription and auxiliary labels, and delivers uncapped vials for final inspection using on-screen drug image verification.

Bar codes are used throughout the process for accuracy and quality control. Pharmacists manage the dispensing process from prescription entry to approval of the finished product.

ScriptPro's SP Central Workflow Management System complements our robotic dispensing technology by coordinating the entire pharmacy workflow. Because every pharmacy has different needs, ScriptPro has built flexibility into the SP Central platform. The system offers a flexible and universal set of software tools that allow SP Central components to be configured for any pharmacy practice.

SP Central works with the existing pharmacy computer system and utilizes bar code scanning controls to ensure prescription accuracy. This advanced workflow technology directs the dispensing process from point of entry to patient delivery.

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Swisslog is a global provider of integrated logistics solutions for optimizing production and distribution processes. Swisslog's solutions increase their customers' flexibility, responsiveness, and quality of service, while minimizing logistics costs. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from building of complex warehouses and distribution centers including Swisslog's software, in-house logistics solutions for hospitals and pharmacies to consulting services in the field of supply chain management. With years of experience in the development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions, Swisslog provides the expertise that customers in more than 50 countries around the world rely on.

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ADDS, Inc. is the world leader in drug dispensing technology.

AutoMed is the only full-line supplier of automated pharmacy dispensing solutions.

e-pill, LLC is the leading provider of Medication Reminders, Pill Organizers, Automatic Tablet Dispensers, Multi-Alarms & Medical Watches (vibrating or sound).

Health Business Systems has been a leader in Pharmaceutical Management technology since the early 1970's.

Integrated Dispensing Systems

Kirby Lester

KVM Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and services proprietary products targeted at improving the quality and economics of drug management and delivery to patients.

MED-Dispense Systems are designed by pharmacists with extensive experience and knowledge of the medication needs in health care facilities

Meditec lists thier company goals as "to supply, install & service state-of-the-art automated dispensing systems for Pharmacists in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland."

MEDS Inc is a Canadian company that was created in early 1997, after founder Marcel E. Dufresne retired from Baxter Healthcare Corporation after 29 years of service.

MedSelect provides automated storage, dispensing, tracking and reporting of patient medications and supplies and can be linked with a hospital's information systems such as patient billing, admissions, pharmacy, materials management and clinical records.

NextRX provides innovative automation technology to improve the accuracy and operating efficiencies surrounding the inventory and movement of medications within the hospital setting.

The Neuenschwander Company was founded in the early 1990's by Mark Neuenschwander who saw the need to help pharmacists and hospital administrators who lacked the time and budget for doing the homework necessary for evaluating the emerging systems they were responsible for acquiring.

OmniCell provides clinical infrastructure and workflow automation solutions that enable healthcare facilities to acquire, manage, dispense, and deliver medications and supplies more effectively and efficiently.

Parata Systems is an unobtrusive, yet powerful addition to your pharmacy team that quietly and efficiently takes on more than half of your prescription volume without disrupting your existing workflow or crowding your pharmacy.

PickPoint Corporation strives to create the most affordable, reliable, and productivity enhancing pharmaceutical dispensing systems on the market, all the while ensuring the safety of patients.

Pyxis pioneered a new product category in healthcare – automated medication dispensing.

Scriptnetics has developed the RxScribbler which is an eprescribing application for Ultra Mobile PCs that streamlines the prescription writing process.

ScriptPro develops and provides state-of-the-art prescription fulfillment solutions for community, ambulatory, and managed care pharmacies.

Swisslog is a global provider of integrated logistics solutions for optimizing production and distribution processes.

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